Synchronic in Charcoal
Charcoal on Paper, 2004-2005

In these drawings I metabolize my confusion and delight of life into bundles of possibility and moments of carnivalesque creation.

The process of using both my right and left hands equally, with no preconceived ideas, makes the work a collaboration between the conscious and the unconscious, the rational and the nonsensical, the trained and the spontaneous. Symbols such as the star, seed, bird, ballot, and eye emerge and evolve over the series of drawings. Each symbol contains its opposite: the bird, who I call Indigo Bunting, is both a leader and a drone. The star is both liberty and enslavement, the mainstream and marginalized at once. These symbols and the drawings as a whole embody a union of opposites - I am trying to find and inspire a new way of being in the world that transcends duality, be it male/ female, life/ death, or black/ white.

The drawings are personal, political and social maps that access a place where life begins, or ends, and begins again. And like life which is in constant flux, the meaning of this work continually unfolds. Whether I am in the city or the South American jungle, I find clues to the work’s purpose. You too are a clue to the work, and I invite your dialogue. May you find a moment of discovery and recognition in these drawings.