Forest Dwellers
Rubber block print; Ink on paper, 2016-2017

Several small 3”x5” rubber blocks constitute the basic images, based on fur, whiskers, and repeated dashes from previous work. Both the process of making and the content of the prints speak to a primal level of presence, an animal self, a subject that emerges from me and that is also not me, the spiritual other with whom I play hide and seek. A whisper in the forest; a darting out of the corner of my eye.

These basic rubber blocks act like vowels in my visual language around which I place infinite combinations of consonants. The consonants are actions: inking, swiping, layering, interrupting, masking, cutting, obliterating, uncovering…until the impulse is made concrete, stilled on the paper.

A few images in this series were created a year before but bear an uncanny resemblance to the prints. These were completed in 2016, and done on cardboard, ink, and pen.